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Chemical and Industrial

In order to produce goods and chemicals on a large scale, today’s industrial plants utilize various boilers, heaters, and other process units.  All of these mass-produced goods can be used to improve quality of life, but only if the pollution byproducts are also controlled. Umicore’s catalysts enable industrial plants to improve the air quality in their communities.  This is the widest area of applications with many different requirements. Nitric acid, sulfuric acid, food & beverage, specialty chemicals, and alumina plants are just a few types of plants where Umicore supplies SCR catalyst for emission control.

To use nitric acid plants as an example, these units often have to treat high NOx concentrations as a result of their process.  For some of these, Umicore supplies catalyst designs achieving 99% DeNOx removal using two reactors in series.  Even these challenging applications can be designed to meet demanding emission limits. Each application is custom-designed to fit the needs of that particular plant.