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Umicore Fuel Cell & Stationary Catalysts aim to contribute to a better future and to green transition by supplying catalysts for clean mobility in order to improve air quality and reduce CO2 footprint.

Our ambition is to be a leading player in the field of emissions control and fuel cell catalysis by delivering high performance catalysts and customer focused innovation.

Umicore's Fuel Cell & Stationary Catalysts business unit was created in 2020 to leverage our long experience and our network with leading players in the market, our portfolio of state-of-the-art proton exchange membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell and Stationary catalysts and our strong global presence. The new unit is fully aligned with Umicore’s identified mega-trends of clean mobility and clean air, aiming to help our customers to comply with more stringent regulations and to meet targets to improve air quality and reduce CO2 footprint.  

With this new organization, incorporating the best catalyst design experts and support team in the industry, Umicore can support future growth in both PEM fuel cells and stationary catalysis, targeting a broad range of industries including manufacturing, hydrogen production, power and propulsion and the automotive industry. It aims to support its customers in developing clean engines and reaching zero emission mobility and power supply. 

Umicore Fuel Cell & Stationary Catalysts’ research, development and innovation work in cooperation with leading universities and strategic industrial partners worldwide on the development of next generation technologies, focusing on performance, cost and durability. 

The Business Unit benefits from Umicore’s established worldwide presence in both business areas and adds a strong footprint in China, with the BU headquarters located in Shanghai. Technical centers are located worldwide and the BU has specific manufacturing and testing facilities in China, the United States, Germany, Denmark & Korea.

It enables us to provide technical support or to manufacture our catalysts close to our customers’ facilities, maximizing the speed of our collaboration and simplifying logistics. 

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