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Refining and Petrochemical

Petroleum is one of the most versatile materials in existence with an almost limitless amount of derivatives. Refined and processed petroleum products, such as plastic, touch almost every aspect of daily life.

A refining and petrochemical complex is typically comprised of a seeming limitless interconnected web of pipes and valves, each with a specific purpose. Umicore's DNX and DNO catalysts play an important role in reducing harmful emissions (NOx, CO/VOC) in this industry, helping customers meet strict air emission limits while minimizing downtime and limiting impact on plant operations. Umicore's catalyst is typically installed in reformers, FCC units, heaters, boilers, Co-Gen units and any other unit in the refinery where NOx reduction is required.

Read the article published in Digital Refining explaining how our catalyst switch solves NOx removal issues.

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