Glass production involves two main types of plants: container glass plants and float glass plants that produce sheet glass. Raw materials, such as sand, soda ash, dolomite, limestone, and sodium sulfate, are mixed in a batch process, then fed together with suitable waste glass, into a furnace where it is heated to approximately 1500°C (2732°F). Many glass furnaces contain more than 1200 tons of glass.

In addition to NOx and sulfur oxides from the combustion of fuel in these furnaces, the off-gas from glass production contains fine particulates and vapors from the glass production process which need to be treated by use of catalysts. SCR systems are the proven solution for reaching the highest possible NOx reduction and emission control in glass plants. Umicore’s high level of expertise is a particular advantage in this industry, as catalyst systems installed in glass plants must be able to withstand the poisoning from a wide range of metal oxides found in these applications.

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