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Fuel cell catalysts

Catalysts for clean air and green hydrogen

Umicore’s PEM Fuel Cell catalysts are developed to provide the automotive industry and green hydrogen production with high performance fuel cells. 

We support the automobile industry with application technology based on our fuel cell catalysts and tailor-made catalyst design expertise.

Fuel cell-powered vehicles represent an industrial, sustainable and cleaner alternative fuel source, boasting longer ranges, shorter refuelling times and higher energy density compared with battery-powered electric vehicles. These advantages make the fuel cell-powered automotive attractive in long-distance or energy-demanding haulage applications.

With 30 years’ experience of manufacturing fuel-cell catalysts, Umicore has proven know-how in catalyst development, scale up and industrial scale production, as demonstrated by Umicore solutions already on the road in production vehicles. As well as being key components of commercial stack platforms available on the market today, our PEM Fuel Cell catalysts are benchmark materials at leading Fuel Cell companies. 

Umicore’s PEM Fuel Cell Catalyst powders are ideally suited for Electrolyzer applications. The BU offers a collaborative catalyst technology and application support throughout the customers’ product development process in order to ensure lowest operation and maintenance costs.  

The excellence and quality of the services and catalysts we provide to support our customers during the entire product development process and product lifecycle have been regularly recognized by a series of awards from major Fuel Cell manufacturing companies. Our continuous innovation in catalyst particles and technologies is helping to boost catalyst performance, optimised and designed specifically for customers' applications. We work to minimise the impact on your business by making our synthetic processes scalable to the level that works for you.

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It is our goal to accelerate the development of fuel cells and increase the adoption of this technology.

Discover how our catalysts can accelerate your fuel cell technology.