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Meeting Target Emissions in Low Temperature Operations

With increasingly stringent emission requirements put in place by authorities and communities, the industry is constantly forced to reevaluate its emission strategy. 

Until today, there has been no cost-effective way to successfully ensure an SCR catalyst meets NOx emissions reduction targets when the flue gas is at lower temperatures. But now, a catalyst with an optimal temperature range of operation between 150°C/300°F – 200°C/392°F is a reality. This type of catalyst is ideal for tail-end SCRs after bag filters, scrubbers, or heat exchangers while still meeting more stringent emissions requirements.

Umicore’s R&D team has developed the TripleCat DNX-LT SCR catalyst, with a proven 3-fold activity increase in the 150-170°C range as compared to a traditional SCR catalyst.

Check out the recording of our TripleCat DNX-LT webinar

We here share how this catalyst has already demonstrated outstanding performance in plants around the globe. 

After this webinar, you will have a strong understanding of:

  • Options for the long-term emissions today vs. in the past
  • The technology and innovation of this new, lower-temp catalyst
  • How OEMs can design units around this new type of catalyst
  • Case study examples of this new catalyst in action, including a gas-fired boiler in the USA, a biomass-fired boiler in Spain, and a gas/wood-fired lime kiln in Italy

Read our newly published paper on the subject

  • The TripleCat DNX-LT SCR catalyst

    Maximizing activity at low temperature

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