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DOX - Classical CO Oxidation Catalysts for Gas Turbines, HRSG and Boilers

Today, the power industry, particularly Combined Cycle Gas Turbines and Simple Cycle Gas Turbines, has to meet increasingly challenging emissions limitations to remain compliant and reduce toxic emissions. Umicore offers a unique and diversified program of coated catalysts based on Platinum Group Metals (PGM), which provide an efficient and low-cost solution for the abatement of CO (Carbon Monoxide), VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), HC (Hydrocarbons) and HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutants) for power and heat generation facilities.

The benefits of DOX for CO- Oxidation

  • CO, VOC, HC, HAP removal - with additional NOx removal option
  • Wide range of design temperatures: from 480 to 1200 °F (250- 650 °C)
  • Low SO2 to SO3 oxidation
  • Sulphur resistance for enhanced durability
  • Low back pressure
  • Single vendor solution for CO, SCR and emission performance guarantees
  • Customized PGM loading, cell density and coatings according to the application
  • Available as standard frames (2’ x 2’) or in customized sizes
  • Dual Function Option for the simultaneous removal of CO and NOx (DNO)
  • Local manufacturing thanks to our global production footprint

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  • DOX - Classical CO Oxidation Catalysts for Gas Turbines, HRSG and Boilers

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