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Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filters (cDPF)

Based on proprietary and customizable coating technology, Umicore’s Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filters (cDPF) are the ideal emission control device for your emergency, standby, and backup power gensets as well as all types of propulsion diesel engines. Our filters provide a highly efficient reduction of soot and gaseous compounds with low pressure drop and volume. Their durability and reliability have been proven in more than 1,000 installations worldwide. The cDPF can be supplied as a stand-alone solution or in combination with Umicore’s state-of-theart SCR catalyst as a complete exhaust gas after-treatment package.

The benefits of Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filters (cDPF)

  • Highly efficient soot and particulate filtration (mass and number)
  • Proprietary Pt/Pd coating for simultaneous CO, VOC and PAH oxidation
  • Low pressure drop across the filter
  • Superb passive soot regeneration at low temperatures
  • High thermal resistance for active soot combustion up to 1,500 °F (800 °C)
  • High ash capacity and applicability of ash cleaning procedures (rinsing, pneumatic, ultrasonic)
  • Choice of round or square cross sections
  • Increased efficiency for SCR when located downstream of cDPF
  • Combined cDPF and SCR catalyst systems also available

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  • Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filters (cDPF)

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